Quality control and certification of product EN 1433

Certified quality respecting the environment

Certified Managment System for Quality ISO 9001

Since 2003, GREENPIPE Srl has always improved its commitment to quality management to ensure maximum customer attention and satisfaction.

Today as in the past, GREENPIPE Srl is at the top to maintain the highest customer attention, with its own management quality system certified in accordance with European Standard EN ISO 9001:2015.

For GREENPIPE Srl. Quality and improvement are the natural foundations for building and achieving any goal.

Certification of product EN 1433

GREENPIPE Srl is provided with a perfectly equipped laboratory for testing quality products.

Besides observing the obligations laid down by E.U. REGULATION 305/2011, GREENPIPE Srl has decided to acquire an additional voluntary certification as a yet further guarantee of quality:

Quality certification EN 1433 released from third party with accreditation ACCREDIA
Istituto Giordano SpA – Via Rossini 2 – 47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN)
Identification number: 0407

After performing initial type tests and initial visits to each channel and grating production facility, Istituto Giordano has issued Conformity Certificate No.099/CP and Licence to use the Istituto Giordano (M Q) quality mark.
The certificate indicates the articles which benefit from such quality mark.

The channel and grating production facilities undergo constant factory production monitoring, as required by article 10.3 of the EN 1433 standard, by the Istituto Giordano, according to the provisions of APPENDIX D of the EN 1433 standard.

Istituto Giordano has been authorized to carry out lab activities in GREENPIPE Srl’s facility regarding tests on “Drainage channels for areas subject to vehicle and pedestrian transit” with decree of the Ministry of Economic Development – CENTRAL DEPARTMENT FOR THE MARKET, COMPETITION, CONSUMERS AND TECHNICAL STANDARDS dated 24 June 2014.


REGULATION U.E. 305/2011

The E.U. regulation 305/2011, which replaced directive 89/106 “Building products”, requires the manufacturer to issue a performance declaration (DoP) which must be drawn up on the basis of the specimen shown on annex III of the regulation itself.

The DoP describes the performance of building products in relation to the essential characteristics of such products, in compliance with pertinent harmonized technical specifications.

GREENPIPE Srl’s gratings and channels bear the CE marking and labelling in compliance to EN1433. Additional markings derive from the voluntary product certification which GREENPIPE Srl has decided to acquire. The markings can be indelible, in the case, for example, of cast iron gratings, or in the form of a label in the case, for example, of concrete drainage channels

GREENPIPE Srl’s gratings and channels bear the EC mark or labelling required by EN 1433.

GREENPIPE Srl provides DoPs for all currently supplied channels and gratings.


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