Load Class

Application fields and load class

Standard EN 1433:2008 provides guidance for the appropriate load class according to place of installation of channels.

Groups for installations

  1. Minimum class A 15, breaking load > 15kN
  2. Minimum class B 125, breaking load > 125kN
  3. Minimum class C 250, breaking load > 250kN
  4. Minimum class D 400, breaking load > 400kN
  5. Minimum class E 600, breaking load > 600kN
  6. Minimum class F 900, breaking load > 900kN

Responsibility for the selection of the appropriate load class is of the designer.
With potential doubts, it should be selected a higher load class.
Load class D400 is not recommended for high speed roads or maneuvering areas of heavy vehicles.

Load Class and Application Fields

Load Class


Areas where only pedestrians and cyclists have access.

Load Class


Car parks and pedestrian areas where only occasional vehicular access is likely.
Passing speed: < 20 Km/h

Load Class


Car parks, forecourts, industrial sites and areas with slow moving traffic.

Load Class


Areas where cars and lorries have access, including carriageways and hard shoulders.
Passing speed: < 50 Km/h

Load Class


Areas where high wheel loads, are imposed such as loading areas, docks or aircraft pavements.
Passing speed: > 50 Km/h

Load Class


Areas where particularly high wheel loads are imposed such as aircraft pavements.


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