The channel ranges in vibro-compressed concrete that together provide a solution to any water drainage problem in urban and private areas.

The Basic+ range supports, according to Standard EN1433, 3 different load classes: A15, B125 and C250.

The series of gratings combinable with the channels is wide and available in different versions:
• slotted grating in galvanised steel (A15),
• square mesh grating or anti-heel mesh grating in galvanised steel (A15 and B125),
• ductile iron mesh grating (B125 and C250).

Basic+ channels are provided with gratings already assembled and fixed with M8 screws when paired with B125 and C250 gratings.
Channels with ductile iron mesh gratings are provided with two galvanised steel edges with multiple purposes: aesthetic, protection against wear, aid to the operator during the installation of channels (the galvanized steel edge gives an indication of the exact height for final coating).

All channels have a male-female coupling system to provide improved stability during installation and a dedicated groove for perfect joint sealing.
In addition to the Basic+ range, also available are sump units with plastic slit buckets and front/end cap in galvanised steel.
The Basic+ range is certified according to European standard EN1433 and bears the mandatory CE marking.

The Basic+ drainage channel range is produced in high-grade, vibro-compressed concrete ensuring high resistance to compression (minimum strength class C35/45 – fck = 35 N/mm2 and Rck = 45 N/mm2), resistant to frost and de-icing salts (“+R” marking for European standard EN 1433) and attacks caused by atmospheric agents (“W” marking for European standard EN 1433).

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