The channel ranges in vibro-compressed concrete that together provide a solution to any water drainage problem in urban, industrial and road areas.

Load classes

SMART PRO G drainage channels

The new Smart Pro G drainage channels, with wall thickness of 30mm, are provided with cast iron edge reinforcement profiles perfectly achored to the main concrete body, preventing any detachment.
Resistant to corrosion and wear, the reinforcement profiles allow two different fixing system for gratings: the rapid pressure system FAST-LOCK or with a system of M10 nuts and bolts (unscrewing bolt). Smart Pro G gratings, realized in ductile cast iron, are available in load class D400 and E600: the former are designed for both fastenings, while the latter can be fixed only with the sysyem of nuts and bolts. Two protrusions on the sides of the grating can be placed in proper seatings made expressly in the profiles to prevent unwanted longitudinal movements.

All channels have a male-female coupling system to provide improved stability during installation and a dedicated groove for perfect joint sealing.
In addition to the Smart Pro G range, also available are channels with lenght of 0,5 m, lower drain outlet, sump units with plastic slit buckets and front/end cap in galvanised steel. Smart Pro G channels are provided with assembled gratings, facilitating handling and reducing costs during installation.
Smart Pro G range is certified according to European standard EN 1433 and bears the mandatory CE marking.

Smart Pro G drainage channel range is produced in highgrade, vibro-compressed concrete ensuring high resistance to compression (minimum strength class C35/45 – fck = 35 N/mm2 and Rck = 45 N/mm2), resistant to frost and de-icing salts (marking “+R” for European standard EN 1433) and attacks caused by atmospheric agents (“W” marking for European standard EN 1433)

It Complies with standard UNI EN1433 and it’s CE- marked.


    SMART PRO G installation

    The Smart Pro G drainage range is produced in high-grade vibrocompressed concrete.
    The ductile iron slotted gratings (D400) could be fixed with the FAST-LOCK pressure system or with M10 nuts and bolts. The ductile iron slotted gratings with load class E600 are assembled with M10 nuts and bolts (unscrewing bolt).

    1. Installation instructions are provided for reference purposes; the customer (or designer) must ensure them are compatible with the nature of the soil. Carefully level the supporting surface of the channel by applying a 1 cm layer of mortar.
    2. The channel, in order to perform its drainage function and not to overload the supporting surface of grating of huge efforts, it must be installed at least 3-5 mm below the level of the surrounding paving (view installation drawings).
    3. The channel is already provided with gratings already assembled: if during installation it should be necessary disassemble them, it is advisable to tighten screws in their respective threads without lock them just to protect the same threads from construction’s site wastes.
    4. In order to guarantee waterproofness between each component of the drainage line, it is necessary to apply polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity, type MAPEI (Mapeflex), SIKA (Sikaflex) or similar, on the contact surfaces between one channel and the next (it is recommended to treat these surfaces with a primer of the same brand if them appear slightly dusty and if the joints are subjected to high mechanical stress or frequent and prolonged contact with liquids).

    FAST LOCK innovative, fast and easy installation with a simple pressure

    The FAST-LOCK system allows an easy installation through the stainless steel fastening bars: the pressure applied allows these bars to slide inside appropriate seats of the cast iron profile, and be firmly locked there. Two protrusions on the sides of the grating can be placed in proper seatings made expressly in the profiles to prevent unwanted longitudinal movements.
    For maintenance, it is sufficient to apply an internal thrust to unlock the grating.

    1. Place the grating with the aid of the longitudinal interlocking protrusions in the profile’s seats and apply light pression.

    2. With enough pressure, the fastening bars slide into seats of the profile and remain firmly locked.

    Supply and installation of prefabricated drainage channel type M model SMART PRO G ___ for rainwater runoff, produced in high-grade vibrate concrete with minimum strenght class C35/45, walls thickness not less than 30mm, provided with markings “W”, “+R” and CE in compliance with European standard EN1433 and CPR 305/2011/EU.
    The channel must have the following characteristics: load class from A15 to E600, semicircular internal bottom to ensure maximum water flow and avoid stagnation(alternatively: rectangular section to guarantee minimum space and maximum capacity), without slope incorporated, sealable male-female joint to allow watertight up to the upper edge of the channel.
    The drainage channel must be provided with ductile cast iron frames perfectly anchored to the main concrete body, provided with suitable seats for fast fixing FAST-LOCK or, alternatively, with suitable seats for M10 nuts to which ensure screws for fix the gratings – 8 per meter -, edge subject to traffic with thickness not less than 5mm, contact surface thickness not less than 4mm and height not less
    than 25mm.
    The channel will have the following dimensions:

    • external width/internal width __/__mm
    • external height/internal height __/__mm
    • lenght 1000mm

    The drainage channel will be assembled with

    • ductile cast iron GJS 500/7 slotted gratings according to standard EN1563, load class D400 (E600), dimensions __ x 500 x 25mm, with screw fixing system (8 per linear meter) already assembled
    • ductile cast iron GJS 500/7 slotted gratings according to standard EN1563, load class D400, dimensions __ x 500 x 25mm, with fast fixing system FAST-LOCK already assembled

    The drainage unit must be provided with certificate of conformity according to standard UNI EN1433.