BIG I DRAIN range channels have 60 mm wall thickness and are designed for installation on sides of roads and highways with draining asphalt. BIG I DRAIN channels are provided with galvanised steel iron edge reinforcement profiles, perfectly anchored to the main concrete body, preventing any detachment.
Those profiles are made of materials resistant to corrosion caused by contact with the surrounding environment, and completely cover and protect edges, giving the product compactness, protection against wear caused by traffic and high stability to fixed gratings.

All channels have a male-female coupling system to provide improved stability during installation and extremly smooth inside walls for better water flow.
The BIG I range is certified according to European standard EN 1433 up to load class D400/type I and bears the mandatory CE marking.
The BIG I DRAIN range consists of channels with internal width CO = 200 mm and 3 different heights: the standard lenght of the channels is 1 meter. BIG I DRAIN gratings have load class D400 and are made in ductile iron with mesh pattern.
On request BIG I DRAIN channels can be made with preinstalled lower drain outlets.

The BIG I DRAIN drainage channel range is produced in high-grade pre-cast reinforced concrete ensuring high resistance to compression (minimum strength class C35/45 – fck = 35 N/mm2 and Rck = 45 N/mm2), resistant to frost and de-icing salts (“+R” marking for European standard EN 1433) and attacks caused by atmospheric agents (“W” marking for European standard EN 1433)

ranges BIG I DRAIN

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ranges BIG I DRAIN



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