BIG I nS with cast-iron Z-shaped profile
drainage channels with cast iron edge reinforcement profiles (“Z” shape) assembled with slotted ductile iron grating.

Load classes

D400 E600 F900

BIG I nS Z-shaped profile self-supporting drainage channels

BIG I nS channels, with a wall thickness of 75mm, are provided with reinforcement profiles and protection against wear due to traffic, perfectly anchored to the concrete body in order to prevent their detachment during operation.
The profiles, made of cast iron and therefore resistant to corrosion caused by contact with the surrounding environment, convey extra compactness to the product and greater stability to the gratings.
The fact that they are Z-shaped ensures they fully cover and wrap around the channel and give the entire assembly a very long life span while at the same time making installation easier and safer.
The channels are fitted with male-female joints for better stability during installation and feature extremely smooth internal walls for better water flow. The porosity of the concrete is extremely reduced thanks to its high quality, making it highly resistant to water penetration.
The range conforms to European Standard EN1433 up to class F900/ Type I and bears the mandatoryy CE mark. BIG I nS channels, supplied with gratings already-mounted and fastened with M10 (on request M12) “screw + nut”, security system, are ideal for use in areas with all types of traffic, up to the heaviest and most intense, such as installations along roads and motorways, road crossings, underpasses, port quays or logistics hubs, airports.
BIG I nS channels are available in various internal dimensions, i.e. with clear openings from 200 mm up to 500 mm, for each of which two different heights are available. The largest size, 500×600 mm, ensures a large storage capacity, useful where it is not possible to manage the flow of the collected water through a large number of drains.
The standard length of the products is 3 metres or 1 metre and all of them feature special lifting nails for handling during loading/unloading and installation.
Matching gratings are available in classes from D400 to F900, in the spheroidal cast iron slotted version. Products with pre-installed drains can be made to order.

The BIG I nS range of selfsupporting drainage channels is made of reinforced cast concrete with high compressive strength (minimum class required:
D400-E600 C40/50 – Fck = 40 N/mm2 and Rck = 50 N/mm2– F900 C55/67 – Fck = 55 N/mm2 and Rck = 67 N/mm2), resistance to frost/thaw cycles in the presence of stagnant water containing de-icing salts (+R classification according to EN1433) and to aggression due to atmospheric agents (W classification according to EN1433).

It Complies with standard UNI EN1433 and it’s CE- marked.


    BIG I nS installation and handling diagrams

    Drainage channels made of cast reinforced concrete, provided with reinforcement profiles perfectly anchored to the concrete body. The channels feature already-fitted gratings fastened by means of M10 security screws, ideal for use in areas with heavy and intense traffic, such as airports, installations along roads and motorways.

    These installation instructions are given as a mere indication; the customer (or the designer) must ensure that they are compatible with the nature of the land and the constraints of existing conditions.

    1. Make sure at the time of delivery that the products received are complete in all their parts and perfectly intact.
    2. Carefully level the channel supporting surface by applying a layer of at least 3 cm of mortar.
    3. So as to be able to best carry out its drainage function and to protect its visible edge and/or that of the grating from any potentially damaging impact during operation, the channel must be installed at least 3-5 mm below the level of the surrounding pavement (see installation diagrams).
    4. The channel is supplied with already-fitted gratings; in case these have to be removed during installation, it is advisable to fasten the screws in the respective seats (threads) without fully tightening them for the sole purpose of protecting the seats themselves from site slag. When refitting the gratings, the maximum tightening torque to be applied must not exceed 50 Nm once installation has been completed.
    5. In the case of installation with “Concrete flooring”, in order to eliminate the negative effects of horizontal concrete expansion forces against the walls of the channel, longitudinal and transverse expansion joints must be provided in the flooring, to be laid in accordance with the specific reference standards.
    6. In order to ensure waterproofing between each element of the drainage line, in compliance with the provisions of the UNI EN 1433 standard, it will be necessary to apply a single-component polyurethane based elastic sealant, such as MAPEI (Mapeflex), SIKA (Sikaflex) or the like, on the contact surfaces between one channel and the next (these surfaces should always be treated with a primer of the same brand if they are slightly dusty and if the joints are subjected to high mechanical stress or frequent and prolonged contact with liquids).
    7. To handle the channels during the unloading and subsequent installation phases, follow the instructions below:
    – products with a length of 1 metre must be fastened and harnessed, using straps of suitable capacity, to the geometrical centres of the two gratings,
    – for 3 m long products use the lifting system with CE certified hooks
    consisting of 4 nails embedded in the side walls of the channels and 4 lifting keys supplied separately. Always handle with great care; movements should always be slow. The channels should never be lifted in ways other than those expressly indicated by GREENPIPE.