Design Gratings

The drainage becomes beautiful

Draining rainwater is a necessity to make the places where we live more habitable and safer, from the gardens of our homes to large motorway and airport infrastructures.

Why don’t make safety an element of design?

Our ductile iron design gratings match the SMART PRO G and BIG 47 concrete drainage channels but also the BIG I nS self supporting channels.
The versatility of this channels allows the grids to fit elegantly into different environments, totaly safety.
The TOP SLOT steel gratings match the BASIC+ vibrocompressed concrete channels and also the fiber-reinforced concrete channels.

Discover the Greenpipe’s design gratings.

With our design gratings we have created a series of products, dedicated to prestigious installations where the aesthetics has the same importance of functionality. The drainage becomes beautiful: design gratings are solutions designed to satisfy different stylish needed.

There are four different solutions to satisfy everyone’s aesthetic sense, Because:

…beauty is not a quality of things themselves,
it exists only in the mind that contemplates them
and each mind perceives a different beauty ”
David Hume, 18th century philosopher.

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